Our Story

a simple act says a lot

No one has room in their home for all the dogs who need adoption, but many of us have room in our hearts.  

That's why Clips For A Cause was founded; to create fun, attention-getting clips and magnets that give everyone a way to make a meaningful difference through small, simple acts.

The simple act of buying a package means you're helping to pay for a dog's rescue or a dog's well-being until it's adopted.

The simple act of using these clips and magnets means you're speaking up for dogs who can't speak for themselves. These unique paws are sure to draw attention, which helps raise awareness.  

Please make a purchase to generate a donation; nominate your favorite rescue; and join our email list so we can reach out once in a while to tell you about special events, special deals, and noteworthy news.

Every little bit helps in finding every pet a forever home and making every city a no-kill zone. 

 --- Marc Robinson, Founder